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We've never met a kid whose potential we couldn't see.

The YMCA is a safe, welcoming place where we nurture all kids to reach their full potential. That's at the heart of everything we do.

Can you see the potential?

Our Greater Vancouver YMCA family has more than

108,000 people

who we are helping to reach their full potential.

Meet one of them...

All of us have a drive inside for more. Even as young children, we know we are made for something bigger.

Unrealized, untapped and not­-yet-­known

It's our potential.

To become our best self, we must explore, try, fail and triumph.

Yet people are vulnerable, kids are struggling and a growing number are inactive and unhealthy. And many people feel alone—a pervasive trend leading to growing isolation and disconnection.

It takes courage People who care Opportunities Experiences to shape us
And a safe space to grow and learn

Reaching our potential doesn't happen by accident.

That's where the Y comes in. We are here to help children, teens, adults and seniors realize the unrealized.

Abilities Skills Confidence Passions

Tong Louie Family YMCA Having a laugh while working out Robert Lee YMCA Shooting hoops Healthy Living Kitchen at Robert Lee YMCA Cooking up with community Langara Family YMCA Sweating off the stress through raquetball Bob and Kay Ackles YMCA Nanook House Singing along with friends at Nanook House Mackenzie Hall at YMCA Camp Elphinstone Being silly in the archery hut at YMCA Camp Elphinstone

For 127 years we've helped generations of people come together to:

Find support
Get healthier
Learn new skills &
Make friends for life

(Choose One)

Regardless of income or background, every parent cares about the same things: that their kids eat their veggies; that they stay healthy, have great friends, do well in school and stay active. So they can be happy.

At the YMCA, we work hard to build stronger connections

with other parents
with mentors
with their kids

... and provide a place to let off steam and let the kids play. Because parents need time to be healthy too.

I became pregnant when I was 16”

I became pregnant when I was 16. It was extremely difficult as you can imagine. I heard about a teen mom program at CABE Secondary School in Coquitlam. So I enrolled in the program, which also provides care through YMCA Little Scholars Child Care centre. It was great because the centre was just across the hall from the teen mom program. I could do my schoolwork and then pop in to feed Santiago throughout the day.

Santi loves YMCA Little Scholars

It's hard for me not to spend every day with my son, watching him grow. But I rest knowing I'm dropping him off at a place where the staff genuinely care and love all the kids. And because I can't afford the care, the Y provides me with financial assistance. I'm so impressed with how the centre is run. Santi loves Little Scholars.

from the community celebrated at YMCA Healthy Kids Day
parents and kids spent quality time together at the Y on Family Day
adults received financial assistance
requests for child care resources and referrals
parents and children attended YMCA family drop-in centres
parents and kids spent quality time together at a BC Lions game
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Parent Programs
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Every child has a right to access the relationships that lead to a healthy life:

At the YMCA, we work together to build stronger connections

Great friends
Counsellors to look up to
Teachers & coaches that believe in you

With a deep focus on staying active & living healthy, we help kids create their own social networks with friends and mentors so they are supported to reach their full potential.

Camp made me so happy

When I was a kid, my cousins and I got to go to YMCA Camp Elphinstone for four years. We looked forward to it every summer and would count down the days.

Songs around the campfire, singing by the flag pole each morning, going on out-trips, having dance nights…camp was a place you could be whoever you wanted to be. Camp made me so happy. I know the friends I made there will be friends for life.

He's happy and healthy

I love that the YMCA lets Santiago just be a kid. He gets to grow and play in a safe and secure place. At YMCA Little Scholars, he spends time outside each day and he loves that. Every Thursday they have circle time together and sing their favourite songs. He's happy and healthy. And someday he can go to YMCA camp and make some lifetime memories of his own.

kids learned through play at YMCA Child Care
kids made memories at YMCA Camps

11,776 outdoor education participants

8,595 day campers

1,745 residential campers

kids actively participated in after-school programs
kids received financial assistance
kids mentored at YMCA Alternative Suspension
teens learned how to lead through YMCA Leadership Development
kids and teens learned to swim
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Kids Programs

The YMCA fosters connections and healthy habits through

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Today's kids urgently need us. It's our responsibility to step in and make a difference so they can grow up and transform our world. That's why the YMCA exists as a powerful community of men, women and children of all ages and abilities joined together to raise strong and resilient kids.

The YMCA reaches out to all members of the community to create a healthy, vibrant place where we can thrive, together. We play. We're active. We care, have fun and cause a ruckus... all to make it our home, away from home.

She's like a big sister

I'm taking criminology at Douglas College in order to become a police officer. I met Constable Michelle Luca at CABE Secondary as she was the school liaison. She kinda took me under her wing and we've been friends ever since. I'm lucky to have her as a mentor. She's like a big sister.

I'm not alone

I was originally living on my own. But I was lonely and it was really difficult. Six months ago I moved in with my cousins. It’s great being around people and just having someone there for you. I’m not alone. They’re also my best friends. Sometimes I just think about how lucky I am. Some moms don’t have the support that I do.

program sites
children, youth, adults & seniors served 41.6% under 18
in direct financial assistance
to 10,980 people
dedicated volunteers contributing
120,008 hours of service
community partners
passionate employees
total donations received
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Community Programs

We believe everyone can reach their full potential when they are active, learning and connected.

At the Y, we never met a kid, teen, man or woman

whose potential we couldn't see.

Our Vision

We are building a community in which a generation of children and families reach their full potential.

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